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Hi! My name is Krista, the mother of an amazing, precocious, hilarious, adorable four-year-old, Campbell. Just after she was born, I started this blog as a means of keeping friends and family up-to-date with Campbell's growth and my development as a mother. The inspiration came from following an amazing blogger - Heather at Dooce. I set out to provide a mix of anecdotes and monthly letters (an idea stolen directly from Dooce) to Campbell that could serve as a journal of sorts to help track her evolution into the lady that will one day be the first female supreme ruler of the universe.

Recently, Camper has undergone a rebirth. My mom, Dotti, has become an avid amateur photographer and is the official documentarian of Campbell's growth and life. As she's gotten older, Campbell has also shown some interest in photography and has turned into quit the hilarious story-teller as well. So we have morphed Camper into a three-generation blog where we will supply a mix of thoughts on motherhood, photography and the occasional wee perspective on life.

We hope you enjoy it!